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July 04, 2017

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Issue # 6, Tuesday, July 4, 2017
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The power of prayer and the call to action

When people pray for desired results, they need to work for the results as well.
Prayers alone don’t work because action is needed to power up the prayed for results. Just praying without doing one’s part only increases helplessness.

Sometimes we pray for relief expecting that a miracle will change things for us, or our close circle of family and friends. Often we desire this change so that we may be relieved of some burden of responsibility for our wellbeing or that of others.

The unrealistic expectation of change should be dropped when one is either not in a position to enforce the change, or to make the change. Instead of thinking that prayers have failed, it should be understood that the expectations are unrealistic as no work has been done to make the prayers come true.

The true power of prayer is that it can help focus on what is needed to be done, and give direction and enthusiasm on how to do it.

Prayer can become the support that drives efforts forward, or it can become as a crutch of the handicapped upon which one becomes forever dependent and helpless to act responsibly.

We need to decide which category we fall into—the confident self-reliant moving forward with a clear cut goal in sight, or the helpless crutch-dependent with no relief in sight. Our inner attitudes make all the difference to where we finally end up. Prayers or no prayers, results don’t come without taking the needed action.

The power of prayer can give direction to our work and make it a success–or it can keep us on our knees forever.

Nalin Nirula

Wishing you health and wellness,
Nalin Nirula

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