The Coalition of the Corrupt

Part 1: “Cult of the Personal Favored Elite”
by Nalin K. Nirula

October 9, 2012

Working within a particular framework of rules followed will, at some time, exhaust all reasonable possibilities of achievement within that structure. Where these results are unsatisfactory then new paradigms are needed to get to the goals one is aiming for.

Whether in personal life or public or political life, if the rules being followed and the game played are revolving within the same known models, then the only way to get different results is to change the rules of the game by introducing new elements into the game.

We are observing such a condition today. One example is where activists against corruption in public life have broken the unwritten rules that activities of the family members of politicians, the political elite, were not to be questioned.

The hitherto existing protocol was established because the majority of politicians had some family secrets they would rather keep away from the voting electorate. These would include financial benefits from public or private works conveyed to family members on the basis of their political clout. Also, by exposing others’ hidden skeletons the potential revealers feared they would be open to retaliation of all kinds, including that of the most sinister type. ‘Live and let live, loot and let loot the public’, seems to be a wide-spread motto of the corrupt elite.

One who does not participate in the corrupt practices of the system and one who also does not fear close scrutiny has immense power to change things for the better. Such persons have little or nothing to lose in that area and this makes them extremely dangerous for those who have much to lose. History shows that ones so threatened can go to any lengths to protect their kingdoms.

When a few fearless people join together to publicly and loudly voice what the general public can only helplessly discuss amongst themselves, their power to influence is multiplied many times over. When many such people join together, the established corrupt ruling elite must fear for the survival of their position.

As long as the votaries of the cult of the personal favored elite ignore this, as they do out of arrogance and ignorance, the changing tide has time to gather strength to overwhelm them. This pressure will eventually wash them out, and re-write and change the landscape of public life and the polity.

This healing had already started over a year ago, with the Empower Healing Project and the force of the karmic healers behind it. The primary objectives of this project are:

  • To root out corruption in public life and among persons wielding financial and other power in public life and to restore high standards of public life.
  • To restore stolen benefits to the country and citizens, and give them relief from corruption, and restore the diverted national wealth, and
  • To promote and support a government that has the true interests for the welfare of citizens of every socio-economic class and one which furthers all these interests mentioned.

As healers it is our high duty to actively channel healing to radically shift and progress the healing of not only individual bodies and situations, but the greater body of a nation, a society such as ours which is riddled with the disease and rot of corruption and oppression.

The drain on the lifeblood of the people by the corrupt in public life has to stop now, and it will, even as that ‘now’ may extend for years. The powers of karmic healing are not limited by time place or circumstance or by those who are materially powerful for the moment.

Nalin K. Nirula

New Delhi – October 9, 2012

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