The Coalition of the Corrupt

Part 2: “The Price of Corruption”
by Nalin K. Nirula

October 10, 2012

“Where a nation is run by the corrupt, the price of corruption is passed on to the general population in the form of suffering and hardship. It is a disease that infects and teaches the citizens to follow the example of the corrupt leaders, for what the great and powerful do stands as an example for the general people to follow.”

In a democratic setup, the citizens can only look at changing the faces of the politicians who are currently in power, but where the evil of corruption has spread to the civil administration, it is difficult to restore order by ordinary means. This is because corrupt administrators enjoy a lifelong tenure, even though the politicians may change.

The politicians also require the cooperation of the civil administration to function, and if one political party is not corrupt, working contact with the others cross-infects them. The price of corruption is that all get affected.

The existence of such conditions for the exploitation of the citizenry lead to violence and lawlessness. Such conditions also lay the groundwork for many petty tyrants to come to power and the matter of governance becomes a coalition of thieves and exploiters. They become law-benders, if not outright law breakers.

The Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam

records the history of such conditions that existed in the kingdom of King Aṅga, where the price of corruption was paid for by the citizens, as is happening even today.

The good king Aṅga had the misfortune of getting an evil and cruel son, Vena, who as king systematically destroyed the institutions and procedures meant for the material and spiritual uplift of the citizens. He mercilessly killed any that opposed him.

The citizens were trapped like ants in the middle of a log that burns at both ends. On the one side there were thieves, robbers, rogues and rascals looting the population, and on the other side there was the cruel, irresponsible and venal King Vena. The sages led by Bhṛgu, understood that it was their duty to act in a way to protect the citizens from the evil king, and so tried to pacify and rectify King Vena by respectfully giving him sound advice. This had no effect on the king, and in his arrogance he belittled and insulted the sages further.

Understanding that there was no chance of rectifying the corrupt king, and that the price of corruption being paid by the citizens had gone beyond all limits of tolerance, the sages cried, “Kill him! Kill him!” and they killed him by their mystic powers and methods by burning him to ash.

It is not normal nor good for the saintly sages and healers to kill.

But where there are scorpion-like demoniac governments or kings, it is the duty of sages and healers to use mystic methods to replace the government in power with a government and persons who follow the political path in line with healing guidance and objectives meant for the benefit and welfare of all the citizens.

The mother of the dead king Vena had his body preserved in the hopes of reviving him. The sages saw that the ongoing lawlessness in the leader-less land needed to be put to rest.

Bhṛgu rishi and the other sages decided to generate a suitable king from the lineage of the genetic signature of the good king Anga, that existed in the preserved body of Vena.

By their mystic powers, the sages churned the arms of King Vena, and generated a male and female couple.

They were the partial expansions of Sri Viṣṇu, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and the goddess of fortune. These are śaktyāveśa-avatāras, specially empowered expansions of the Divine.

Together, the couple ruled the planet for the welfare and benefit of all citizens.

It was a time of great peace, prosperity and progress under the healing rule of the specially empowered King Pṛthu.

This narrative is highly relevant to the situation that exists today in the country.

The price of corruption is—organized looting of public wealth under the watch of the political rulership—the venal kings in the line of King Vena.

This continues even today; the citizens are trapped like ants in the middle of a log that burns at both ends—thieves and rogues at one end and the corrupt and irresponsible government at the other end.

As empowered karmic healers we are never helpless and can follow the example of the sages. We can channel healing to create a government like that of King Pṛthu and the goddess of fortune.

These male and the female Divine empowerments have the capability of transforming the ordinary with śaktyāveśa-avatāra energies today. These will create a churning that develops a leadership driven by the mystic healing potencies and energies of Reiki and the KQ Force. The price of corruption being paid can reduce and stop with the power of healing.

This is actually happening today systematically through the grace of the healers who participate in this initiative, which is also known as the Empower Healing Project.

Nalin K. Nirula

New Delhi, October 10, 2012

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