The Empower Project

“The Empower Project”

For more than 25 years, with the help of our healing congregation, we have been channeling healing for the uplift of the Indian people. We especially channeled healing for benign and enlightened governments, and a healing of the people’s karma so that they get such a government.

This has clearly not happened.

  • The history of the past decade, and especially the past year, has shown us that the kaliyuga prediction of the Srimad Bhagavatam is most visibly upon us where corrupt politicians steal the wealth of the nation without fear of reprisals. The powerful continue to shield the corrupt and vice-versa.
  • We see the need for a different approach to healing this problem. We need to push for a change from the top down much more than a change from the bottom up.
  • For this reason we have developed a manifesto for healing of society at large and corrupt and oppressive governments in particular. This is the Empower Healing Project, or simply, the Empower Project.

The primary goals of the Empower Project are:

  • To root out corruption in public life and among persons wielding financial and other power in public life and to restore high standards of public life.
  • To restore stolen benefits to the country and citizens, and give them relief from corruption, and restore the diverted national wealth and assets.
  • To promote and support a government that has the true interests for the welfare of citizens of every socio-economic class and one which furthers all these interests mentioned.

ALL KARMIC HEALERS in good standing are eligible to register and participate in channeling healing from wherever they are. Use the form below to register.

If you have already registeredPlease do not send repeated registrations through the form. If you have not received your password or have any login issues please e-mail us–make sure you enter your e-mail correctly.

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India’s 63rd Republic day, January 26, 2012 brings us to 1 year of our formal Empower Project initiative.
In review, we have seen much upheaval and churning has taken place to expose the corrupt, thanks in significant measure to the karmic healing efforts of healers everywhere in the world. We thank them for it.

While this is excellent progress, however, the rectification aspect has not taken place to a very significant degree as yet. The bureaucratic and political systems continue to have more power than the people. Finally it is about the people having more power than the government where the people can throw out corrupt politicians and bureaucrats.

An effective working system of accountability for corrupt practices and rectification action is still missing. The business of corrupt practices is ‘business as usual’ with an increased price for favors done. A complexity of rules, laws and procedures exist that give bureaucrats and politicians a handle to squeeze the legitimate requirements of the people and squeeze monetary and other benefits out of what is rightfully meant for the people’s public benefit.

Many of the procedures and laws are a hangover of the British Raj which designed these to subjugate the Indian population. The current political and bureaucratic rulers of India have inherited this evil power of subjugation and it needs to be transformed and changed to create enlightened political administration for the true benefit of the people.

We request all healers to renew their healing efforts for the Empower Healing Project. Healers may specially focus on channeling healing such that a system for effective accountability and rectification of corruption in pubic service is in place and is administered effectively. We are confident that one year on we will see that our combined healing efforts have furthered the process of transfer of power to the people for an enlightened government and administration.

With thanks for your participation in this great work of public welfare, we send blessings, love and light for all of you.

Nalin K. Nirula

Anti-Corruption Empower Healing Project

Activated online February 9, 2011

Reminding all Healers: December 4, 2013 is the polling date for the Delhi Legislative Assembly elections. The results will be a showing for the effect of the Empower Healing Project thus far.

We request healers to renew their commitment and channeling of healing for the objectives of this great welfare healing project, for people power to topple corruption power.

On this day of January 26, 2011, We renew and redirect our pledge to channel healing activities for the benefit of the Indian people, for better opportunities and a better life in every way.

  • Update: February 9, 2011:
  • The Empower Project against corruption in public life and oppressive government policies and actions has now finalized as the Empower Healing Project Declaration. This is now live, (February 9, 2011). Login passwords have been mailed to registered healers. After receiving your passwords you can login to the Project.
  • Those healers who are unregistered for this, but would like to participate, please fill out the form at the end of the page to register. Note–Only our inititated healers from our line of teachings are authorized at this time to work with this project.A password will be mailed to you, usually within a day.
  • The Project dimensions have expanded to cover greater global healing of critical areas. 10 major chakras of the planet and geographical areas have been identified for immediate healing. The healing particularly includes healing of the corrupt political, administrative class and their supporters, for the benefit of nations and their citizenry.

This approach was presented to an august gathering of healers on February 6, 2011 as “The Empower Retreat Project Declaration” in New Delhi.