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“Knowing when a situation is healed…the inability to detach oneself…”

“While doing my healing, when do I know that a particular situation is completely healed; and, why are we not able to detach ourself from the world and move on knowing that our ultimate aim is to be one with the light and divine?”–Pooja Juneja


Knowing when a particular situation is healed
The signs and symptoms that tell us a particular situation is healed are easy to check.

  • When you have moved on in your thinking or your life so that the issue you have been healing is no longer urgently impacting your thinking, that is ‘sufficient healing’. This is a great place to be. In other words, when you think of the issue you have been healing being without in anxiety about it (or your anxiety is reduced significantly), that is adequate or sufficient healing.
  • Next, when the situation changes so much that you are no longer even thinking of that issue, or it no longer matters to you, then that situation is ‘completely’ healed.

Detachment from the world
While we may know that our ultimate aim is to be with the Divine and the light, the situation is that we are attached to what we know most powerfully.

The most powerful experience that we currently have is of the material world and our desires that remain unfulfilled or incomplete.

As we continue to do our healing our desires change in two ways:

  • The first way is that our desires get fulfilled sufficiently or completely as described earlier, and we have lesser attachments.
  • The second way our attachments change is that with healing, the nature of our desires change. Here the healing works to heal the source of desires so that we are no longer troubled by that desire. In such a case we become internally comfortable because that specific attachment to the desire would reduce and disappear.
  • In either case, the end-result is that our attachments to our material desires reduce or end, creating a space of internal satisfaction, balance and detachment.

When these attachments reduce or disappear, our true spiritual nature is revealed more and more. The spiritual nature is naturally attracted to the similar nature of the Divine and our consciousness follow that as well.

The time comes when the detachments become complete as our spiritual nature shines sufficiently. By the principle of ‘like attracts like’ we are pulled to the spiritual world and pushed away from the dis-similar material world. When the balance shifts sufficiently, at the time of departure from the material body, the spiritual body and world is waiting.

Healing the ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ desires
It is necessary to continue to send healing to all our desires and wishes whether these are ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ desires. It is of greater importance to send healing to the so-called ‘wrong’ desires, because these may trouble us the most including feelings of guilt.

  • When we do this, the healing energies work to either remove the desire and guilt, or fulfill the desire so that we can move on from there. This healing-based movement is future karmic-reaction free, but not consequence free. Reactions inherent in what we do will come, but these will not create future binding karma for a rebirth condition.

So to summarize, when we focus on healing all areas of our life and our attachments and desires voluntarily, we are no longer troubled by those desires and attachments. This is because we are in the process of balancing and harmonizing them with Divine spiritual energy.

The healing energy is super-intelligent and always guides us correctly. It is entirely up to us to take the guidance.

With love and light–Be with the KQ Force!

The Masters Nirula

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