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KQ #16, Impending Doom… Healing Fear
March 07, 2010

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"Impending Doom"... the usual suspects... eclipse of intelligence... healing fear

"Impending Doom"

Of late, people tell us that they have a sense of impending doom—something bad is about to happen. They feel this in their body but they cannot find any cause for it. This is different from the usual pattern of causeless anxiety which is more intestinal in nature.

This time it is not quite the gut-feeling, but some unease higher, in the chest or in the solar plexus area. There is breathlessness and an eerie, silent calm as before a storm or before an eclipse. Anxiety levels are high.

The Usual Suspects

Apparently causeless fears are stimulated or generated by universal planetary radiations. The usual suspects are a solar or lunar eclipse, and the shadowy balls of energy known as rahu and ketu (dragon’s head and dragon’s tail). These last are energy forms created by the northern and southern orbital crossover points of the earth and moon. Also known as the ‘shadowy planets’ in astrology, rahu and ketu have no physical form we can see. However, they do have a subtle but massive effect on our feelings.

Solar and lunar eclipses affecting a particular geographical area are of short duration varying from minutes to hours, while other effects from planetary configurations of the moon, rahu, ketu and others can last for days and weeks.

While rahu and ketu are considered to be demoniac in themselves, other planets are not considered demoniac in their action. Rahu-ketu typically instigate the individual to some inappropriate ‘defensive-attack’ action which then has troublesome consequences. Such is the beginning of enmities and conflicts that are triggered by trivial incidents but have long lasting consequences.

But the usual suspects may not always be responsible.

The Eclipse of Intelligence

When there is an eclipse of intelligence, the defensive false ego becomes highly active. Physically the false ego is located below the navel in the lower abdominal area. It lies at the svadishtaan chakra (sacral plexus or ‘hara’). This orange chakra is governed by the moon and has a watery, rippling quality.

  • The moon is always involved in feelings of impending doom whether in conjunction with Rahu, Ketu or other planets.
  • An eclipse of the moon or sun creates fear. Sometimes an effect equivalent to an eclipse is created over a period of many days due to other planetary relationships and movements. The radiations affect individuals as though they were in a state of experiencing a continued lunar or solar eclipse.
  • The present feelings of impending doom experienced in the solar plexus and chest are triggered by the movements of the moon and mercury. Mercury represents our wisdom potential, and this is currently disturbed in addition to disturbance of the rippling mind.

Healing Fear

Connecting consciously with the soul power radiance of the spiritual sun of Reiki or the KQ Force counteracts feelings of impending doom. Being in spiritual consciousness is to be in touch with the reality of one’s immortal continuity and deathlessness.

The ultimate cause of all fear is anticipation of losing what we value today, whether it is our body or things related to our body—our relationships, job, bank balance, wealth, health. Connecting with the truth of individual immortality by direct perception is the greatest healing for fear.

  • We can achieve this daily and moment to moment through our continued healing process, connecting in awareness to the flow of the immortal healing energy that moves though us during the healing.

For a further exploration of the false ego and fears, here is a link to the first of a series of audio excerpts from our seminar, Eclipses and Influences.

We continue to send healing vibrations, love and light for you and your family.

Be with the Force!

Nalin K. Nirula

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