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May 19, 2014

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Issue #025, June 2014
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Enhanced Downloadable content

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The audio will be available soon as a downloadable audio for you to conveniently store for handy reference. Other digital audio-video content will be available also soon. For more, we invite you to visit the Karma Blog.

"Action Thought" for May 19, 2014

Here is the “Action Thought” for today… 

“Hearing the Hidden Messages”

Words said can very often mean different things to different people. The same sentence can evoke different understandings and passions. This happens because of the place one is, when one hears what is being said.

The brain can tune out or tune down the sound and the message depending on the mandate given to it by the listener—the orientation the listener has at that time.

For example, where a political party has has won by a landslide majority in the general elections, and it’s spokesperson says in a televised appearance, that they would not be vindictive against any of their losing opponents, and that they will hold everyone in the country, including their losing opponents—by the hand, and walk with them to progress and success, this can be taken in two diametrically opposite ways.

The alternative understandings

Those who are hopeful and uncomplicated in their understanding, naïve really, will take this as a very generous and positive statement. They would think, ‘how noble and magnanimous are the winners! How statesman-like to say they will even take care of their adversaries.’ Nice!
The adversaries, however, will interpret this type of being taken care of very differently—they would not really like to be taken care of in this way. They would take the message as a serious threat to them, and even to their liberty and freedom; because for them the message will be—‘be led by us, by the hand, or else!’

Being politicians, the losers would definitely have experience of political thinking and dealing with political rivals similarly, and so they would take this as a promise or a warning by the winners. ‘Line up, or else!’

Most statements have different implications and meanings for different people depending upon where they view this from. Getting to the different levels of alternative understandings that can be heard from one message is not difficult.

Getting the proper context and understanding

  • One can start by looking at the person making the statement and considering where that person is positioned, and from which platform and background is he speaking from, and with what authority. One should also consider the impact of this statement on different listeners, depending upon where they are placed.
  • This should, in fact be the first thing the listener should consider, before opening up their understanding to what the other is saying or has said. This will place the listener optimally to get the maximum nuances and understandings of a message, a comment, a statement, that might appear to be simple, straightforward and harmless. Such an orientation of the listener can provide understanding of what the message might mean to different listeners who have a particular or different background and position.
  • The positioning of the speaker, the other listeners of the message—and oneself—all derive different and multiple layers of information contained in that same one message. The hidden layers in the messages can be decoded by alert and open inquiry that places oneself in the position of the other, in this way.

Wishing you well… Be with the Force!

Nalin K. Nirula 

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