Mental Disease and Healing

“Even though I was doing my healing, why did I have to go to the mental hospital? Where am I heading?”
—A question from one of our students who was recently hospitalized.

Choices have consequences
Each of us chooses the handicaps and burdens we are to experience in this lifetime before we are born. While making these choices we are internally truly confident at the time that we shall be able to deal with the difficulties we face on our path in this lifetime. That is why it is said that God does not allow us us more burdens than we can bear.

Due to various pressures in life we may lose this confidence in our abilities to sustain ourselves through the trials we face. As a healer you have the capacity to receive Divine grace in an empowered way to change your life, and you also know that medical help is always available.

Healing and Medicine
As we have advised you earlier, healing and medicine must go together. Medicines may be needed for a long time or even life-long and this is not a defect in any way.

  • The trouble started when you decided on your own that you do not need any medical help and stopped taking the medicines even though the physicians advised you to continue.
  • You needed the mental hospital treatment because you stopped taking the medicines and the result was that you lost touch with reality and became non-functional. Fortunately you did decide to take the treatment and that was a healing.

Focus on the Goals of Life
Our primary goal is to remain functional in our daily lives to be able to deal with our residual karma and the act of daily living so that eventually we become karma-free.

For this, we can take all the help that is needed–also medical help. This is reality. This is the most important thing. There can be no artificial shortcuts nor mental speculation at all in this process.

The act of healing ourselves is what brings us close to the Divine. Healing means ‘whole and complete’ in our actions and thinking. As part of this wholeness one must act in a manner that we are not disturbing others in their spiritual and karmic evolution as well. We also need to focus on our purpose in life and progress our actions such that we can fulfill that part of our destiny.

Balancing the material and spiritual
If, in order to do this, you need to take medicines to be functional within the framework of daily life and living activities, then that is a wise and enlightened course of action. This is a ‘healed’ state. ‘Healing’ does not mean that you do not need medicine.

This is the way that you can neutralize any mental disorder situation that exists. You have experienced this earlier, that you were functional and progressing well in your studies and career while following the physicians’ treatment.

We encourage you to place your confidence in the medical treatment that you are being advised to take and be regular with this. Do not think that healing will replace everything that is disagreeable to you or that which is inconvenient, or that medical treatment and healing are mutually exclusive.

For example, we may decide that the action of eliminating waste from our body is a bad thing (‘dirty’, ‘unpleasant’ and so on). We know that it is caused by our eating and drinking, and based on this we stop eating and drinking. Then surely we will be unwell and cut short our life prematurely while also generating bad karma to be experienced in future. Such type of thinking is counter-productive.

  • We trust that you will take the course of action which is in your best self-interest and balance the spiritual and material which are not mutually exclusive, but complimentary.

Blessings, love and light.

Nalin K. Nirula

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