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These FAQ links connect to a variety of topics addressed based on your questions and comments. These are listed in order of the most recent first. If your question is not covered in this section, use the ‘Custom Search’ above to get more results.

To get the facts on how our spiritual empowerment seminars can help you change your life go to this article.

To access immediate Do-it-yourself karma healing help go to this page.

Q & A 14: “Even though I was doing my healing, why did I have to go to the mental hospital? Where am I heading?”–Choices have consequences…

Q & A 13: “What is the way to enlightenment in the shortest time possible?”

Q & A 12: Questions about Jesus, Krishna, Shiva, Ganesha, Guru

Q & A 11: ‘With so much bad luck in my life I am seriously considering suicide although I know it is not really a solution’

Q & A 10: ‘Would my meditation practice conflict with your karmic healing programs?’ –‘KQ and Reiki not ‘religious’ or ‘meditation’ but an initiation empowerment, not in conflict with meditation or any method of self-development.’

Q & A 9: ‘Do not be afraid to let go of what was–Be with what is.’ –‘After KQ, my life is changing rapidly but my business is not improving at all after doing a LOT of healings.’

Q & A 8: “I want to get over my husband’s extra-marital affair…please guide me.” –‘If you keep the blame you keep the pain…’ (Related article in the KQ Newsletter #5

Q & A 7: ‘How to become one of the best healers of all time?’This is an FAQ –‘You can become the best healer of all time by healing your life and its time-line… Every individual’s time-line encompasses their karma quotient delivering all desirable and undesirable results in life.’

Q & A 6: ‘Why doesn’t the Divine heal me right now? Is He fictional?…Are the instances of healing described by you not real?’–‘We cannot legislate the way help comes to us from the Divine…We are shown that we can heal ourselves with the spiritual karmic healing empowerments of Reiki and the KQ Force, but it does not appeal to you at this time…’

Q & A 5: ‘Knowing when a situation is healed…the inability to detach oneself…’–The signs and symptoms that tell us a particular situation is healed are easy to check…While we may know that our ultimate aim is to be with the Divine and the light, the situation is that we are attached to what we know most powerfully.’

Q & A 4: ‘My question is about Truthfulness in business life…’–“It makes good sense and good profitability to be truthful in business. We can understand this in a number of different ways…”

Q & A 3: ‘The eternal student, and fear of failure’–“Basically you are in anxiety because you are afraid of failing in your studies or not doing as well as you want…You can wake up a man who is sleeping…”

Q & A 2: ‘Karmic Debts, last life… healing and universal timing.’–“When karmic debts are finished, the individual I-consciousness (I-con) particle goes to a zone compatible with its spiritual nature…”

Q & A 2: –‘Is karmic healing equivalent or superior to benefits from religious rituals?’Another very FAQ!–“Religious rituals of all authentic religions contain a core of universally valid pious activity (‘sukriti’) principle activities…”

Q & A 1: ‘The relationship between wealth and emptiness on the spiritual path…’– “When karmic debts are finished, the individual I-consciousness (I-con) particle goes to a zone compatible with its spiritual nature.”

Q & A 1: –‘Why am I not healed in 2 years of doing healing?’–A very FAQ!–“As you continue to do healing the problems will reduce in the proportion that you also take other measures to change your lifestyle and internal response factors…”

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