Solar Eclipse

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Converting negative sun eclipses to benefits
*Follow Healing procedures–scroll down to ‘Ill-effects of Solar eclipses’/’Main Remedies’.

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A solar eclipse is a natural phenomenon. It occurs when the moon passes between the sun and the earth, blocking the rays of the sun from reaching the earth for some time, partially (annular eclipse) or completely (total eclipse).

The eclipse time brings up negative destiny energies and this can be used as a beneficial opportunity. Direct exposure to an eclipse allows these negative energies to affect one’s destiny patterns and fortunes adversely.

Solar Eclipse Remedy

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  • Partial eclipses have less of an energy effect but are still very powerful to create negative –or give us an opportunity to convert the negative to useful destiny.
  • By understanding the mechanism of how eclipses affect us we can change this to a beneficial event.
  •  This is a negative energy discharge time and a great spiritual-material progress opportunity as well!
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Lunar eclipses (wiki-new window) follow sun eclipses in sequence. * (Go here for lunar eclipse remedies and information.)

Action of the Eclipse on us:

Under normal circumstances our bodies ground negative energies into the earth. At the time of an eclipse the negative energies from the bodily organs rises upward instead through the chakras and aura to negatively influence our karmic pattern that descend from the higher chakras. Special healing procedures as described make use of this perfectly natural phenomenon to create a positive karmic pattern.

Ill-effects of a solar eclipse

  • Exposing oneself to the eclipsed rays of the sun or viewing the eclipse destroys or damages good fortune energies in the aura from the time of exposure until the next birthday. Avoid viewing it even second-hand such as through television. (check your local timing for the eclipse.) 
  • Eating food or drinking water during this period also acts as above.
  • Pregnant women in particular should avoid exposing themselves to the eclipse filtered rays of the sun or eating during this time to avoid harmful effects on the unborn child. These effects can range from serious organic defects, to moles and birthmarks (naevi).


  • Place tulasi (holy basil) leaves on cooked food and in drinking water on such a day.
  • Do not drink or eat anything during the eclipse period or for 15 minutes before and after the eclipse.
  • Avoid non-vegetarian food, alcohol this day.
  • Take your clean old clothes, total of seven types of grains and lentils, sugar, ghee, salt. (Make separate packets of the foodstuffs–do not mix them up!). During the eclipse period you and your family members can place your hands on these, affirming that you would donate these after the eclipse is over–preferably (and if possible) the same day of the eclipse.
  • Take a coconut and at any time before, during or after sunrise on the day of eclipse, and rotate it over your head 7 times clockwise and 7 times anticlockwise.

The coconut will absorb the rising negative energies

NOTE: This is a general upai, and where there is availability of a specific upai for the solar eclipse, follow those instructions.


Leave the coconut under a tree any time during the day before sunset–Use separate coconuts for each person.

  • If you have perfected (siddh) any mantras–to preserve the action of such mantras you can place your right foot ankle-deep in water and chant your perfected mantras a few times each during the eclipse period.

Effects of the Remedies

  • Protects your good fortune energies.
  • Cleans up the negative karmic energies in your body and aura allowing greater access to spiritual and positive karmic energies that come into your life from your higher (crown) chakras.
  • Enhanced opportunities in life for the next 6 months.

Use this solar eclipse opportunity to progress your karma on the fast track!

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