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Tuesday & its healing elements

Introduction and important notes to
‘Changing Your Destiny Today and Daily’

Each day of the week makes its unique contribution to the energy vibrations of the universe. The color, the sounds and characteristics of the day’s energies noticeably affect all living things and subtly exert their influence on inert matter as well. From ancient times the 7 days of the week have been named after the influence of celestial bodies and planets that have been thought to influence the overall energies of that particular day and night.

By understanding the unique energy signature that fills the universe each new day, we can work in harmony with those energies. As we do that, we can achieve greater and more consistent levels of achievements.

Think of the day’s energies as a current or tide in the ocean of life. If we move with the tide and ride the various currents and cross currents expertly we can travel greater distances with less effort. If we float along, or oppose and fight the tides and currents of the ocean, we can be pummeled badly, dragged underwater or even be smashed against rocks, or then—we may run aground on sand-banks of life that leave us stranded. If we just float along, then we are being pushed around being driven by those energies in ignorance how we can help ourselves at the very basic fundamental level of everyday life.

Keeping these mental pictures, and accessing knowledge about the influence of the days of the week, we can very usefully make our every day fruitful to progress the aims of our lives.

The start of each day is considered as sunrise and it ends at the next sunrise. The modern convenience of calculating days by a clock from midnight to midnight is not representative of the day’s energy signature.

Using a local area time-zone standard for any place, the following time references may be kept in mind.

At around 4 in the morning or somewhat more precisely, about 45 minutes before local sunrise time, the energies of the new day begin come into great strength. 11 or 12 hours later, between 3 pm and 4:30 p.m. in the afternoon, the energies of the following day begin to appear very gradually, and the energies of the current day slowly begin to decline.

The exception to this last observation is Saturday.

The stabilizing energies of Saturn begin to moderate and decline significantly only after sunset on Saturday. The Sunday energies start gathering strength between 7 and 8 pm on Saturday evening and become very powerfully manifest by 4 am, which, by this consideration, but which, by international standard time calculation would be Sunday after midnight.

Other weekday energies are not as powerful at 4 am as compared to Sunday 4 am. Thus, as the Sunday energies continue to increase even more in strength for the rest of the day, the overall Sunday energy signature is the most powerful one of all the days of the week. We can properly consider Sunday as being the king of the weekdays.

Day 3. Tuesday and its healing elements

Tuesday’s energies are orange-red in color and represent the energies of the planet Mars that has a fiery red aura. Mars fire also represents the raw life force energy at the root chakra at the base of the spine that resonates with the earth element which stores karmic records and generates material forms.

The nature of Tuesday energies

This third day of the week, Tuesday, powers up the work week. Survival issues underlie activities for the day. Generating and re-generating forces are in the background and on the surface of work efforts. Creativity transferred to physical action gets a power up boost on Tuesday.

Tuesday energy and healing elements methods

A combination of water, earth and fire elements can be used to heal many health conditions, and through time people have discovered how these natural resources can be used to advantage. One of these is the breathing of ionized salt air that has the quality of purifying fire.

The development of seaside resorts and spas over the centuries owe their popularity to the healing properties of the bracing seaside air. Modern medical research has found that a very dilute isotonic preparation of salt-water used for steam inhalations make a significant health improvement for those suffering from respiratory disease ailments like asthma, bronchitis and rhinitis.

A similar beneficial effect of salt air was discovered inland far from the seas. People exploring underground salt caves found that if they stayed a few hours in a dry salt cave atmosphere, their breathing problems and skin conditions improved—sometimes very significantly.

Today, this has led to the re-creation of salt caves in cities in the form of ‘salt rooms’ where people can be in this ionized salt atmosphere in an effort to improve their health. Also conveniently available are portable salt pipes similar looking to tobacco smoking pipes, but these draw air over salt crystals so that one breathes in healing ionized salt air.

Known as halation therapy, a simple device is available in the form of reddish-orange rock crystal candle devices. The salt crystals are hollowed out to make space for tea-light candles to be placed in them. When the tea-lights are lit, the salt from the crystal ionizes or ‘evaporates’, in a manner of speaking, and disperses into the air with health-giving effects. With use, the salt crystal keeps getting smaller as the salt evaporates and the crystal has to be replaced. To know more about these special salt crystals, visit the website ‘www getting-positive-karma-now dot com’.

Other salt healing methods include spraying very dilute salt water in the air—a quarter of a teaspoon to half a teaspoon of salt to 1 liter of water. This has a refreshing but short-term atmospheric purification effect.

The opposite end of the fire spectrum is also usable for cleansing a space. That is done by using ice and salt as a floor scrub where the salt doesn’t damage the flooring material. Salt water mopping can also be used similarly for destroying negative ambient energy, after testing that the flooring or it’s finish doesn’t get damaged by salt.

Where salt water mopping of floors is not suitable, bowls of salt water can be placed in rooms and periodically emptied out and the salt changed, or the salt water can be re-charged, re-purified by exposing it to direct sunlight for a day or two.

Using methods like these, we can see and experience how the elements found in nature resonate with elements within our bodies. Discovering how to use these for our health benefit is always an interesting exercise.

Sometimes the simplest of solutions help much more than the complex ones, and this is efficient Mother Nature at her wonderful, mysterious, benevolent healing best.