Week days & their Healing Elements 

Sun, Sky. Elements – watercolor and ink – Nalin Nirula

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Introduction to ‘Week days’

“The energies of week days is what we live and work in, and each day influences us in unique ways.Here is how to maximize benefits from these natural energy flows on a daily basis. The first natural day of the week is Sunday–the day the universe got the first ray and light of Creation form the Sun, and that is Sunday.”

Each day of the week makes its unique contribution to the energy vibrations of the universe. The color, the sounds and characteristics of the weekday’s energies affect all living things and exert their influence on inert matter as well. By understanding the unique energy signature of each new day that fills the universe, we can work in harmony with those energies.

As we do that, we can achieve greater and more consistent levels of achievements. Think of the day’s energies as a current or tide in the ocean of life. If we move with the tide and ride the various currents and cross currents expertly we can travel greater distances with less effort. If we float along opposing or fighting the tide and currents of the ocean, we can be dragged underwater or be pummeled or even smashed against rocks, or we may run aground on sand-banks that leave us stranded.

Keeping this mental picture, we can usefully make our every day fruitful to progress the aims of our lives.

  • The start of each day is considered as from sunrise to the next sunrise. The modern convenience of calculating days by a clock from midnight to midnight is not representative of the day’s energy signature. Using a local area time-zone standard for any place, the following time references may be kept in mind.
  • At around 4 in the morning or about 45 minutes before local sunrise time, the energies of the new day begin come into great strength. Between 4 pm and 4:30 p.m. in the afternoon, the energies of the next day following begin to appear and the energies of the current day begin to decline very gradually.
  • The exception to this last observation is Saturday.
  • The stabilizing energies of Saturn begin to moderate and decline significantly only after sunset on Saturday, and Sunday energies start gathering great strength between seven and eight pm on Saturday and become very powerfully manifest by 4 am. Other weekday energies are not as powerful at 4 am as compared to Sunday 4 am.

Thus, as the Sunday energies continue to increase even more in strength for the rest of the day, and remain for an overall longer time than the other days, the Sunday energy signature is the most powerful one of all the days of the week.

Day 1 of the week – Sunday & its healing elements

A cheery sun! Color pencil & ink – Nalin Nirula

The first ray of light from the eastern sun at the dawn of the universe energized the first day of the week—Sun’s day.

It is natural then that Sunday has for long been considered the first day of the week in the ancient traditional Vedic, Christian, Islamic, Hebrew calendars.

The true “1st day of the week (Sunday)”

In recent times Monday, the day of the reflected sun’s radiance from the moon, has been given by many the position of the first day of the week rather than the day of the sun. The reasons for change of this has to do with the historical religious beliefs and practices of the Roman Catholic Church and other similar religious groups, and now, for mercantile and business considerations.

This last was recognized formally in 1988 by the International Organization for Standards. Monday was declared as the first day of the week by its ISO 8601 standard for dates and times, formalizing the convention being followed by the United Nations and a majority of countries around the world as the beginning of the work week.

Today, most calendars reference Monday as the first day of the week, but this is factually incorrect.

  • As a natural astronomical observation, Moon’s day or Monday, radiates the borrowed and reflected light of the sun. The sun comes first and the moon second, not the other way around. From a fundamental physically observed viewpoint, Monday’s energies are secondary and not primary in terms of energy elements, and therefore moon’s day is rightfully the second day of the week, not the first.
  • The moon governs the false ego energies that are also borrowed form the radiance of the individual soul-self. Designating this day as the first day of the week rather than the second, is a natural indicator of the increase in arrogance in individuals in societies. Declaring Monday the ‘first’ day of the week is a symptom of this type of attitude, which has become the essential characteristic of this age.

The Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam tells us that this is typical for the age kali, the iron age of hypocrisy and quarrel, driven by the ahankaar (egotism), arrogance, impatience, and a reduced intelligence.

Where the ancient traditions of Sunday as the first day of the work week are followed in countries as in the Middle East, there is great sustaining power for the people in whatever they do, regardless of the stresses and strains they might face. Global energies to progress their activities are automatically attracted and funneled to such a solar-powered energy vortex.

Here is how you can power your life with the Sunday solar-power vortex!

The nature of Sunday energies

Sunday energies are primarily red and vibrate with the root chakra of one’s existence and survival, and also the crown chakra, the place of Divine inspiration. Secondary energies of Sunday are green, yellow and gold.

  • The green activates the self-nurturing heart chakra, and the yellow activates the solar-plexus chakra which is the powerhouse of achievement and health of all things that we do.
  • Higher, at the crown chakra, the place of one’s constant soul-self, it vibrates a golden yellow.
  • The crown chakra is the place from where comes the inspiration for acting according to one’s karmic bank balance, and which balance is stored in the spinning four-petal root chakra energy lotus.

The destiny that is being activated for this lifetime comes from one of the four petals of the root chakra lotus and is interactively driven by the crown chakra inspiration. The desiring aspect that comes from the reflected sunlight chakra—the orange moon chakra area below the navel. This is also referenced as the place of the false ego svadhistaan, or hara chakra, also known as the sacral plexus.

You can see that Sunday has a lot going on for all kinds of survival health in the body, as well as in terms of one’s spiritual and material work. Sunday energizes the welbeing of all things generally relating to body, mind, soul and destiny.

  • Modern medical science has discovered a direct co-relation between lack of sunlight exposure and vision problems that develop because of this, including a change in the structure of the eye’s cornea, and vision defects caused by lacking of being in the sunlight.
  • Lack of ‘seeing’ daylight is also linked directly to depression, creatively called SAD—Seasonal Affective Disorder. It affects people in the northern zones in winter when the sun and its direct rays are blocked by cloud cover over periods of many days.

Sunday benefits activation

A major improvement in one’s health and wealth can be energized by offering of water to the morning eastern rising sun. The method is to take a copper vessel with water in it, which additionally has in it either a red mouli thread, or the vermillion red sindhoor powder, or a red flower. Any one of these will do, or, one may add more than one item.

Then, facing the sun in the east, holding the copper vessel at solar plexus level above navel height, offer the water and its added contents in a stream to the sun, in the manner detailed further on. Before making the offering one should chant this mantra 3, 5 or 11 times: ‘Om ghrini suryaya namah’.

While pouring the water making the offering, meditate on receiving the healing grace of the sun and chant 3, 5 or 11 times this beej (root) Sun mantra:

‘Om hrang hreeng hrong sah suryaya namah’. The meaning of this mantra is, ‘I bow down to the sun who is the direct representative of the Supreme Divine, whose grace be upon me.’

The water stream should flow directly into a green leafed potted plant, or into a vessel—not splashing on the ground or on one’s feet. Where the water and the other added red items are collected in a vessel, the water along with the items can then be poured at the base of a potted plant or a plant in the ground directly—in the latter case taking care to avoid the water splashing back upon oneself.

Wearing some red or green or yellow clothing on Sunday will also attract Sunday’s positive energy.

Be creative–use these colors in various ways on Sundays

Red, green and yellow foods, vegetables are great to have on Sunday.
Enjoy some multicolored pepper strips in a salad!

The ancient science of health and longevity—Ayurveda, recommends the exposing of the body to the early morning reddish-pink rays of the sun for improving one’s general health and in order to be cured of liver disease, especially jaundice and hepatitis, which is emotional indigestion at the energy level.

Simple Sunday mantra chanting

All of the weekdays have special sound vibrations. On Sunday, there is a special benefit in all areas of life and living by chanting a special 9 syllable mantra 11 or 21 times. It gives the highest benefit as it addresses and communicates with that most opulent aspect of the Divine Creator from whom all things originate, and in whom all things rest, and to whom all living beings are drawn to return—Narayana.

Therefore, as a direct representative of the Divine Creator’s energy, the sun has been known as ‘Surya Narayana’ since ancient times. Here is the is this special 9 syllable mantra for gathering creative and life-enhancing benefits from Sunday. Sit in a place where you would be undisturbed, and internally focus on the sun or your solar plexus and chant:

‘Om namoh narayana namah’.

NB: Chanting the Buddhist mantra ‘om mani padme ahum’ while focusing on the navel may increase blood pressure and should not be done casually.

Next week in this series ‘Weekdays’ — Moon’s day–“Monday”

“While the external radiance of Moon’s day or Monday is a pearly white, the energies of the Moon are orange and influence the water element. The orange moon energy is the influencing controller of the fickle, changeable, personal identity ego chakra.”

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